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Post  Kailani on Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:22 am


  • No spamming.
  • You MUST stay on topic when roleplaying.
  • Moderators will ban you if we see any sign of users plagiarizing anything.
  • No godmodding; we're all basically equal.
  • Bullying is prohibited on this forum.
  • Do not invade people's privacy, or you will be banned.
  • Cussing is NOT allowed.
  • No Illegal Software.
  • No Pornographic material.
  • Stay realistic when roleplaying (meaning, you can't go up the stairs in ten posts and back down in one.)
  • When roleplaying, STAY IN ONE PLACE ((this rule does not apply to the Gathering Circle)).
  • You cannot use information about another character unless they have already told you. Information in the Character Archives do not count as given information from the other character. (meaning, in the Character Archives "Bob" may have said he is from Bolivia, but if "Bob" has not told your character, you don't know "Bob" is from Bolivia)
  • Do NOT control other people's characters! ((this rule will not be as harshly disciplined as the others but if after continuous warnings you will be temporarily banned))

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