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Post  Kailani on Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:31 am

Name: Kishi Meriwast
Age: 13
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Height: Kinda tall
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color/Style: Long blue hair
Skin Color: light Tanned ebony

Place of Birth: Tabentha Forest

Major Impacts: Kishi is an orphan, born in a bush with no memory of parents or anything, and she came to conciousness at age 6 with more knowledge than a Middle schooler....

Biography:Kishi awoke at age five in the middle of a desolate Tabentha Forest. She met a boy, a human and fell in love with him. But he was killed by other humans, from that day on, she resented humans and vowed to learn to fight-so she would never be weak again and could save her friends. She was lost in Tabenatha (as she gets a lot) when she met Sensai. He took on her. She was trained by Sensai near Tabentha Waters. He was murdered when she was nine, and seemingly her only parent. He was murdered by a vampire, all the blood was drained from him in front of Kishi's eyes. She shunned the outside world and deities and religions from that day on and became seperated from the world. She became a thief and a hunter. She learned magic at age 10, completely mastered control over all natural elements. The first time she left Tabentha Forest was when she was kidnapped by bounty hunters. They were found three days later, gagged and tied to a rock on the tip of Eransa Mountain. With her horrible sense of direction, she's stayed lost looking for the answers behind her past and one other thing. The only material thing she was born with, a metal lock bracelet that she cannot remove from her right wrist that has provided her much. And now Kishi wanders the world, for now. In search of freedom, love, and justice.

Personality: She is independent and doesn’t like to be questioned, she’s a very wild person and strong willed, full of energy, used to being alone which has changed her into someone who likes to be alone. Doesn’t like to depend on people and likes to get “the job done”. Doesn’t open up much and longs for a companion but will never admit it.

Interests: Hunting, Learning, Music, Searching for answers
Fears: Being broken (emotionally)
Hobbies: Whittling wood and playing her flute-and luring travellers to sleep and taking their food Wink

Physical Description:
Long blue hair she always keeps down hang behind her long pointed elf ears, two gold pins hold a white bow with blue stripes in her hair. Two red threads (named the Threads of Fate) wind in her hair. A purple and white band serves as a necklace. One gold bangle rings on one hand and on the other is a silver brace technology that she was born with and she has been unable to take off and holds the mystery to her life. She wears a white tee, with magic emblems patched on in blue (emblems enable protection), she wears a light blue skirt fastened on by a large navy ribbon. She has tall knee high boots with pouches to carry small vials, money, samples, ext. She has a small leather bag that holds a jay feather, ink, a magic book, and her wooden flute Sagara. Her daggers are kept in the band necklace, tucked in. Her bow and arrows are slung over her shoulder.
Kishi Meriwast

Magic(s):Complete control over natural elements, she speaks Elementi, the elements language, using Elementi she commands the elements.
-Magic Flute named Sagara (sleep and luring magic)
-Arrows (power to endure and always meet their target)
-Two Throwing Daggers (Essendra and Cerant) Essedra is poisoned and Cerant can cut through anything, both have the power to manipulate and heal (cannot heal anything though).
-Magic Book (various magics, but she can only cast minor spells and healing magic)

Partner: Menisti
Mist Wolf
Power to change shapes and generate and use energy spheres <<mana spheres that can be used to give more energy or explode. Assumes human shape with black armor and red hair.

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