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Post  Kailani on Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:30 am

((Information below!)) STATUS: NEED MORE PLAYERS To join, please sign up on Infinite and send a message to the username: kailani, so I can give you a spot on one of the teams.

In a world where eight gods ruled the world, peace and harmony balanced the universe. Good and evil did not search for one another and stood their ground and kept the lives of the inhabiters in a mutual happiness. But as humans evolved they started shunning the magical creatures. No more they believed in elves and dragons and unicorns. And as their armory of weapons grew, the magical creatures were either slayed or driven away to near extinction. And as the human beings stopped believing in magical creatures, they started forgetting the gods. They created their own make-believe all mighty God that would one day bring them to a Heavan. The gods were angry and demanded vigilence and obedience, at least, 7 out of the 8 did. The seven Corrupt Gods wreaked havoc on the land and wished to rule the world and meddle in human affairs. They wanted to extinguish freedom and make the humans slaves. The one Peace God was bannished from the land and now floats somewhere in space, waiting to wage war against the Corrupt Gods. But he is bannished. So with his final ounce of magic, he sent out three sheets of paper. To enlist the Godslayers.

Three teams will be the Godslayers ((so inevitably we need more people, duh duh, to join Infinite so we won't start this RPG until then)). They will fight to defeat the Corrupt Gods. Information from the Peace God will be posted in below in this message as more information is released from him. They will be revealed as spoilers. The teams are so far listed as below:

Team One (Named: Iris) SPOTS AVAILABLE: ONE
1) Kurobara (Played by: Kurobara)
2) Kishi (Played by: Kishi)
3) Menisti* (Played by: Kishi)
4) Rose (Played by: Rose)

Team Two (Named: Elipse) SPOTS AVAILABLE: FOUR
1) Elawen (Played by: _chronycle)

Team Three (Named: Rhyididd) SPOTS AVAILABLE: FIVE

Waiting list: (People who want to join but don't have a chracter and haven't decided their team):
jiataichao (Character: None) Status: Pending

*Menisti is a mist wolf and therefore does not have a Character Archive, but to view her stats, please visit Kishi's Archive.

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